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Public & products liability insurance

Protect your bar or restaurant with cover for third party injury and property damage. Arranging public & products liability insurance is easy; we provide quotes and you choose a level of cover that suits your unique business. So use our online comparison tool to compare quotes today.

Back up for slip ups

Getting started with any small business insurance package usually involves having this type of cover, which is why it’s included as standard. We can source public & products liability insurance for your business with cover limits of up to £5million. This cover aims to protect you should an insured incident occur involving a third party who then makes a claim against you.

If a member of the public has a fall because of a wet floor or trip hazard, they could sue for their injuries. So public & products liability insurance allows you to run your pub or restaurant with confidence; with the knowledge that your business has protection in place against these risks.

Do you employ anyone else in your business?

If you employ staff, even part-time, you will need to carry employers’ liability insurance by law. It’s a vital type of small business insurance. It can cover you against the cost of a compensation claim if an employee suffers an injury at work.

Public & products liability insurance for your pub or bar

  •  Choose from £1m, £2m or £5m worth of cover
  •  We search for you, so you can compare cover levels and price
  • Have protection at hand if you are held responsible for an accident that causes injury or damage and leads to a compensation claim against you
  •  We keep things simple by including public liability in your main insurance package

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Insurers we work with...

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