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5 tips to improve happiness in the workplace



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As a small business owner, you probably spend the majority of your week working, so what can you do to fill your workplace with positive vibes?

According to a survey by CV-Library, over 56% of UK workers are unhappy in their current jobs and that makes us sad! It’s a given that providing a happy working environment improves staff productivity but you might find the extent to which an unhappy workplace can affect employee engagement surprising.

A down in the dumps workplace can be detrimental to small business owners as unhappy staff come with extra expenses. Disengaged employees are more likely to leave the business, resulting in recruitment costs and paperwork headaches. Unhappy employees have even been proven to suffer more workplace accidents. This could cost your business thousands.

According to the “ËœHappiness and Productivity’ report, produced by the University of Warwick in 2014, there are endless benefits to providing employees with a positive working environment. It’s a fact that happy employees use their working day more effectively. It’s also true that making small changes such as introducing perks, can improve employee productivity by up to 12%.

Whilst introducing paid benefits may seem like an unnecessary outlay, it could save you money in the long run. Many of the changes suggested here won’t cost you a penny to put in place but could make the world of difference. Here are our 5 of our top tips for bringing some positive vibes to your workplace:

1 – Perk up!

From gym discounts to free food – there are many cheap and simple perks that can help put a smile on employees’ faces. If you’re on a budget why not provide free breakfast items or fresh fruit? It won’t cost your business the earth, but would be a welcome gesture to show employees you care. If you’ve got a bit more cash to splash, you could offer discounted gym memberships or high street discounts. There are now companies such as Perkbox that can do the hard work for you. These businesses provide access to discounts for a monthly fee.

2 – Brain training

Staff often cite a lack of development opportunities as a reason for dissatisfaction in the workplace and it’s important that employees can see opportunities for progression. Investing in employees’ personal development improves their self-esteem and provides you with a skilled workforce. It’s a no-brainer!

3 – You should get out more

It’s vital for your employees’ wellbeing to feel part of a team. You can encourage relationship building by arranging activities outside the office or by creating a social space like a staff room in the office. Doing so will not only improve your staff’s emotional wellbeing, but also create a more cohesive and productive workforce.

4 – The big picture

Making your staff feel like an integral part of the “Ëœmachine’ can do wonders for positivity. This is easier for smaller businesses where employees can see the effects of their work. In a larger business, you’ll need to communicate exactly how their role helps keep the business moving forward.

5 – Let go of the small things

Micromanaging your staff will damage morale so trust your staff to perform tasks without constant supervision. This will give employees an important sense of responsibility and independence and will improve morale.

A little goes a long way. We’d love to hear from you – why not get in touch with us and share your tips for workplace bliss?

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